Hydraulic Press for Compression Molding

OEM Press Systems has been serving the electronics, composites, plastic and rubber industries since 1983, we currently have over 460 press systems (and counting) installed worldwide.

OEMs can design, engineer and manufacture hydraulic press systems from 5 Ton to 5,000 Ton capacity and from 6"x6" to 6x10 platen sizes to meet your requirements. Single daylight and multiple daylight hydraulic presses can be designed and manufactured. Standard press system designs can be customized to meet your individual requirements.

OEM offers a wide range of hydraulic press designs:

4-post press design - this basic press design utilizes four (4) posts at the corners of the press to support and guide the press platens and the bolster.
Slab side press design - this press design utilizes solid (slab) sides to guide the press platens and bolsters. Typically used in larger format platens, or higher pressure applications to keep all the press components aligned, within tolerances, and to minimize deflection across the working area.
Window frame press design - this press design provides users with a large open feed window capable of accommodating large dies while providing structural rigidity, optimum parallelism and minimal deflection.
Vacuum enclosed press design - this press design offers full evacuation of air from the vacuum chamber, removing entrapped air and volatiles from the materials being processed. The use of vacuum vastly improves the yields in the manufacture of products such as laminate materials, prepregs, phenolic paper, rubber, bonded films, etc.


When evaluating an application OEM's Applications Engineer will take a number of factors such as pressure requirements, size of product, size of mold, temperature requirements and press loading and unloading requirements into consideration when recommending a particular press design.

Please contact OEM Press Systems, Sales Department with your processing requirements so we can recommend the best press design to meet your needs.